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Chapter Guides - Table of Contents
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PART I  - Always Have Dreams                              PART II - Always Have Goals
                 For They Give Your Life Hope                                 For They Give Your Life Direction
Chapter   1.     Childhood Fantasies                                   Chapter  1.    How Do I Get There From Here?
Chapter   2.     The Dream Won't Die                                Chapter  2.    It Will Look Like This - Imaging
Chapter   3.     Are You Wishy-Washy?                            Chapter  3.    The Pro/Con List 
Chapter   4.     The Face In The Mirror                           Chapter  4.     Introducing The T-I-M-E Concept
Chapter   5.     Introducing Your Tangible Hope              Chapter  5.     It Takes Sacrifice - Count The Cost
Chapter   6.     Keep It A Secret                                        Chapter  6.     The Face In The Mirror
Chapter   7.     The Universe Concept                             Chapter  7.      Watch And Be Ready - Open Doors  
Chapter   8.     Alone-ness Isn't Loneliness                      Chapter  8.      Handle Obstacles - Crisis and Setbacks 
Chapter   9.     "Hey!  It Could Happen!"                         Chapter  9.      "Hey!  It Will Happen!"
Chapter 10.     A New Beginning - You Have A Dream   Chapter 10.      A New Beginning - You Have A Goal                

PART III - Always Have Plans                                 PART IV - Always Have A Vision
                  For They Give Your Life Meaning                           For It Gives Your Life Purpose
Chapter  1.     Down And Dirty - Doing the Work            Chapter  1.   The Vision Finds You
Chapter  2.     Education = Money                                   Chapter  2.   The Dream Comes True
Chapter  3.     The Least Common Demoninator             Chapter  3.  You Don't Need Your Lucky Charm
Chapter  4.     Ask Someone                                             Chapter  4.   A Full Heart
Chapter  5.     The Circle Of Achievement                      Chapter  5.   The Face In The Mirror
Chapter  6.     The Face In The Mirror                           Chapter  6.    The Universe Is A Pathway
Chapter  7.     Shift Your Perspective                            Chapter  7.     Knowing Your Purpose In Life
Chapter  8.     Progress Rewards                                   Chapter   8.    "Hey! You Made It Happen!
Chapter  9.     "Hey! It Is Happening!"                         Chapter   9.    Building A Bridge
Chapter 10.    A New Beginning - You Have A Plan      Chapter 10.    A New Beginning - You Have A Vision

How to use the chapter guides
(NOTE: The chapters haven't been posted to this website yet - work in process)
Some people will come to the Always Inspired! Table of Contents and not have a clue.  Good!  This book was written just for you! 
Start at the beginning - select Chapter 1 under Part I - Always Have Dreams - For They Give Your Life Hope
Part I is about unburying your childhood fantasy & dreams, exploring your extraordinary dream and making a decision to make that dream a reality.
Some people know just what their dream is but get bogged down with the overwhelming details and issues.  They don't really need Part I.
Skip ahead and select Chapter 1 under Part II - Always Have Goals - For They Give Your Life Direction.
Part II is about taking a dream and putting a time frame around it, taking stock of what's necessary and focusing on the most important achievable goal.
Some people are well on their way to achieving their goals, yet the dream is just out of reach and they might fall short of success.
Skip ahead and select Chapter 1 under Part III - Always Have Plans - For They Give Your Life Meaning.
Part III is about tracking your efforts with daily to do lists and how to keep the momentum going when situations threaten to derail your progress.
Some people are blessed to live a dream come true in their own life.  From struggles to success, they achieved a remarkable accomplishment, but it's not enough-inside.
Part IV was written just for you.
Skip ahead and select Chapter 1 under Part IV - Always Have A Vision - For It Gives Your Life Purpose.
Part IV is about letting go of the inner struggle to make life mean something, having an attitude of gratitude and opening up to your vital contribution to others. 

Each chapter will be split. The practical guide and "do this" exercises are on the website by specific chapters under each Part/Section.
Detailed narrative for each chapter is posted on my blog. 
Go to: to read the companion explanation of the chapter.
(If you absolutely, desperately, anxiously HAVE TO KNOW NOW! what the guidance is for a specific situation handled within the chapter and exercises, then contact me via email: and I will send you the draft file of the chapter you are interested in studying.)   

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