Always be inspired when life gives you dreams!
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Welcome Winter Sunset

Is the sun rising or setting on your dream? 
"As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do."  Zachary Scott
Always Inspired!  An Ordinary Guide To Live Your Ordinary Dream is a walk through, step by step, simple guide to show you how to unbury hidden or lost dreams that haven't died.  

PART I      Always have dreams - for they give your life hope.
                               *  Make a dream list and discover what fantasy life you actually wish could become real.
                               *  Learn to face yourself honestly and decide which lifestyle is your most important dream.
                               * Gather "tangible hope" objects to maintain believing that your extraordinary dream could happen.
PART II    Always have goals - for they give your life direction.
                               *  Turn your extraordinary dream into specific goals with Pro/Con Lists.
                               *  Determine the sacrifice involved to reach your most important chosen goal.
                               *  Learn how to focus on a specific reachable goal and make it a priority in your life.

PART III    Always have plans - for they give your life meaning.
                               *  Daily planning motivation to get your goal moving forward.
                               *  How to deal with crisis or setbacks threatening to make you quit your extraordinary dream.
                               *  Say "good-bye" to your former life and "hello" to an exciting and satisfying new lifestyle - your dream came true! 
PART IV    Always have a vision - for it gives your life purpose.
                               *  Build an awareness of how your life is meant to enrich others.
                               *  Build a bridge reaching out to others following your path in life.
                               *  Recognize your extraordinary dream is your destiny to make a difference in the world.

Always Inspired!
An Ordinary Guide To Live Your Extraordinary Dream
This is a Life Lessons guide.
Each chapter is filled with relevant quotes, gut-level honesty questions, personal informational lists,
and exercises designed to answer any situation that will come along as you reach out to
live your extraordinary dream.  

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