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"Where Dreams Slumber"
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Where do dreams slumber?
Out there in the vastness of the Universe--somewhere?
Do they sleep here--in our thoughts?
Are they hidden inside our heart--with each heartbeat?

We are all children--inside.
Childhood dreams never die.
Inner wishes once declared in the depths of a young heart,
whispered to the deepest part of one's soul,
those dreams never vanish from the inner room of our lives.

I know the dreams you dream that have no breath.
I know you are afraid to wake the slumbering giant within 
for fear of being hurt.

Stand tall.
Breathe deep.
A new wind of change, soft and fragrant,
the sweet aroma of answered prayers blows your way.
It calls you.
Listen for wishes, hopes, dreams that once seemed lost.
Stirring dreams awaken,
renewed in the inner room of your heart.
A new day dawns and the sun rises
upon hope deep within your soul.
Childhood is discovered again in memories restored,
in reborn desires.

Walk in the hope and dream of who you always wanted to become.
Leave the shadows of inner rooms and awaken slumbering dreams.
Stand brave with no fear.
Live your dreams!
(c)2006 Diana S. Hindman

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