Always be inspired when life gives you dreams!
Diana-Part 2
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"Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           William Coffin Sloan


Always have dreams, for they give your life hope.
Always have goals, for they give your life direction.
Always have plans, for they give your life meaning.
Always have a vision, for it gives your life purpose.
(c) 2004 Diana S. Hindman

     It all began with a dream.  I kept hope alive, even when it didn't seem like I'd ever relax on a tropical beach under a swaying palm tree.  I wrote my goals down and step by step I made concrete plans to change my life.  Nothing looked any different on the outside, but I was passionate about turning my extraordinary dream into reality.
     Remember 1997?  I hit bottom in my life?  I started over with nothing?  Fast forward those five years, and my extraordinary dream--moving to Hawaii from rural Ohio. 2003.  I was going to be 51 years old in July.  My son graduated high school.  I was alone, no relationship in my life.  And I was ready!  In those five years, I got the good job (accounting), health and life insurance, a cute little 3 bedroom cottage by a lake to raise a teenager.  In less than three years, I saved $25,000.00.  I made my extraordinary dream come true.
     I quit a good job as an accounting manager.  Gave back the keys to the rented cottage.  Sold my pick-up truck and most of my furniture.  Sold or gave away everything I owned.

     I rented a vacation condo on Maui for 30 days.  Bought a one-way plane ticket to Maui.  The only thing I brought with me were the clothes on my back, a carry-on suitcase and mailed myself four boxes of my most favorite books from Ohio.
     I arrived on solid ground on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  I was home!  I knew the minute I gazed at the massive mountain, Haleakala, and the green palm trees swaying in the balmy tradewinds, that I would be ok.  Then I got a glimpse of the ocean and the waves rushing to embrace soft sand beaches.  Senses overload!
     My extraordinary dream came true!  I arrived on Maui to start over--again!  I had nothing.
No job, no car, no permanent place to live.  This time, though, I had money in the bank and goals.  I had plans.
    I arrived on July 1, 2003.  Within 30 days, I had a temporary job, a lease on a one bedroom condo, and a brand new red pick-up truck!  Of course, I bought some clothes, shoes and toiletries along the way!
   What was my vision?  The journey?  I came to Maui to be inspired and motivated to live my childhood dream.  I wanted the freedom to write.  And I did.  I learned how to start a small business.  I take pictures of beautiful Maui scenery and add my original poems to make prints and posters.  I compiled a collection of poems and became a publisher to print my original poems and stories.
     God has a plan for my life.  And I know that it's to be open to whatever creative contributions I can make in this life.  I found my purpose in life and that settled the BIG 3Ds--Debt, Divorce, and Depression.  Gone!  I've never been happier in my life and the blessings continue as I seek the right path on my journey.   

     Why am I telling you my story?  If I can live my extraordinary dreams, coming from nothing, then I can show you how to achieve whatever you want in this life.  All you need is a dream.

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